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November 18, 2009

Holiday Entertainment

I'm needing the holidays this year. Here in California, the seasons don't turn over until you create them, so I'll admit to starting my holiday season the day after Halloween. A major part of that for me is holiday movies.

Here's what's in my collection so far, in no particular order:

The Holiday, directed by Nancy Meyers, 2007
Jack Frost, directed by Troy Miller, 1998
A Holiday Affair, 1955
A Christmas Story, directed by Bob Clark, 1983
The Polar Express, directed by Robert Zemeckis, 2004
Christmas with the Kranks, directed by Joe Roth, 2005
Christmas in the Clouds, directed by Kate Montgomery, 2005
Prancer Returns, directed by Joshua Butler, 2003
National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion, directed by Neal Israel, 2003
Deck the Halls, directed by John Whitesell, 2006
Fred Claus, directed by David Dobkin, 2007
The Year Without a Santa Claus, directed by Ron Underwood, 2006
A Charlie Brown Christmas
I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown, 2003
Christmas in Connecticut, 1945
A Christmas Carol, 1938
The Shop Around the Corner, 1940
It Happened on 5th Avenue
White Christmas, 1954
Holiday Inn, 1942

Of course the older black-and-whites are my favorites, especially anything with Bing Crosby. And the Charlie Browns too.

Browse these links for some reviewers' lists of top holiday films:

Best Holiday Movies Including Lesser Known Suggestions
Moviefone/Inside Movies List
Lesser Known Christmas Movies from the 1940's
Best Christmas Movies for the Holiday Season

I also created a station on that plays great Christmas vocals:

Pandora Holiday Music Station

What's your holiday entertainment? Favorite videos? Best holiday music? When exactly is too early to start the holiday spirit? Do you make it a tradition to go to the movie theater as a family on Christmas eve or day? Leave a comment on the blog with your habits.

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