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April 10, 2009

Ice Cream!

My folks last visited me together in August/September 2007, during the worst heat wave I can remember since moving to Southern California. These are the only decent pictures from that trip, as we spent the week dripping in sweat and struggling to put smiles on our faces. Last year when I moved, my folks wouldn't come out till I had installed air conditioners.

To beat the heat this time around, I have an article from the LA times from July 2007 that lists all the best ice cream joints in the area. Click on the image to enlarge. It talks about seventeen different spots, including five gelato cafes, my favorite! First stop for me will be Mashti Malone's on La Brea. But Baskin Robbins still rates high on my list.

Where do you get your favorite ice cream? Do you ever make homemade ice cream? Tell me about it in a comment below, and I'll trade you for my favorite homemade banana cashew ice cream recipe.


  1. I remember that heat wave. Over the Labor Day weekend in 2007, we had people over to our house and it was so hot I almost left the party I was in such a bad mood. I remember being borderline surly to my guests (I don't do well in the heat).

    My favorite ice cream is ginger from a place in San Francisco. It's hard to find- they used to carry it at Trader Joe's but they stopped.

    We used to make homemade ice cream at our mountain weekend cabin in the summer. It was fresh peach and I've never had anything as good since.

  2. Not wanting to drive far, we ended up having gelato at a little cafe on Coldwater and Riverside called Marie Et Cie. Gelato is my favorite form of chocolate! Actually, this time I had the marzipan (almond) gelato and it was wonderful! Also saw a blood orange gelato in the case that I'm dying to try. And I still need to scout out several places mentioned in the Times article.


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