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April 28, 2009

Victorian Silhouettes

Recognize these dogs? I'm practicing making silhouettes so I can do this with my best friend's kids when I visit them in Texas next month. Cathy has three kids under five years old. This will be a fun way to thank her for her hospitality.

I read a blogger's post that mentioned she made it a family tradition to make new silhouettes of each kid every year on April first. That sounds like a great way to memorialize kids' growth, and one I'd like to incorporate if I ever have my own kids. Growing up, my family had generic silhouettes on plaques with each kid's birthdate that always hung in my parents room, but they weren't of our specific profiles.

Here's a google search that offers tutorials, both of the traditional way of printing a picture and cutting it out, and the digital way using a computer program to create the image.

Have you ever made silhouettes? Did you have a special spot in the house to note your growth as you grew up? Tell me about it in a comment below.


  1. From Trudy Walker by email:
    I love the silhouettes!! Melissa and Erin are planning a family now and that would be a great thing to start when the baby is born. I think I'll check out the tutorial!! Thanks Ellen.

  2. Hi Ellen!

    I remember having a silhouette done of me in kindergarten or first grade - they hung paper on the wall, shone a light on me, and then traced my shadow. Easy, but a bit large.


    Hope you're well,



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