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April 30, 2009


To top off an exhausting day after my craft show, I had a new visitor outside my living room window this evening.

At least he was OUTside my window, but with a dog door that's always open and a vacant studio apartment in total disrepair attached to mine, that won't be for long.

Anyone have any suggestions on discouraging mice without harming the neighborhood cats and squirrels, or my own dogs? Please leave comments with your tips!


  1. Rats tend to nest in bougainvillea, so you may want to ask your gardener to clean and thin it out for you. I also have bougainvillea in the backyard, which was home to a few large rat nests. Yuck!

  2. Looks like a mouse, not a rat.
    You can get a humane trap and then let it go somewhere else. It's kind of a never-ending problem though as far as where they'll end up.


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