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April 24, 2009

My Glass Workshop is Up and Running Again!

Here's my new improved stained glass workshop, with my current restoration project laid out on my soldering station. I love the new shelving in my shed. It's a place to store scrap glass, overflow supplies like putty and plaster, and just generally have access to everything I need. My mobile workbench was customized by my dad to include slotted space for glass storage with pegboard all around the outside and even a power supply. This is the one that my folks just brought me from their house, along with all my glass itself. I use that bench to hold my glass grinder and diamond head band saw. The highest surface is where I set up my soldering station and actually do most of the work. The table on sawhorses in the yard is where my friend JoAnn has been making stained glass to fill a metal grate frame from her own home--more on that project to come. I even have a convenient space to sit and rest on my breaks! And beautiful bougainvilla as a background courtesy of my neighbor.

Thanks, Dad, for all your help in setting up my workshop, now and throughout my life. You've really inspired me to pursue my passion.

What does your favorite crafting station look like? And what's your favorite hobby to pursue there? I'm always interested to see how others' workspaces are outfitted. Let me know in a comment below.


  1. What a perfect workspace! It's beautiful.

    My workspace is my office, which I consider "my room of my own" from Virginia Woolf's book. It's small put painted a sort of golden apricot which makes me happy and I have two windows with a view of the backyard. Best of all, I have a beautiful functional desk that I got from Pottery Barn after longing for it as a catalog photo for years.

  2. Trudy Walker emailed:
    Great workshop Ellen. It's probably hard to go to work some days isn't it?

    You're so right, Aunt Trudy!


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