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June 30, 2009

2nd Quarter 2009 Round Up

-Read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver
-Bought doggy toothpaste and toothbrushes and am attempting to clean the pups' teeth myself, rather than paying HUGE amounts for non-anesthetic cleaning at the vets.
-Continued taking Claire to off-leash dog training Saturday mornings as consistently as able (more like every couple of weeks).
-Reintegrated my pet bunny (whom I'd given away last fall) back into my home for a month-long stay. Came to terms with the fact that I would be doing what's best for him to give him back to the new mom, even though he'll be moving to another continent, where it's not likely I'll ever see him again.
-Decluttered a whole laundry basket full of cooking magazines that had been sitting in my living room for over three years by donating to the library.
-Spread 14 bags of mulch over the garden in the spring.
-Finished the peel-and-stick laminate flooring in my backdoor/bedroom area.
-Participated in craft show (see prior blog post).
-Stocked my ebay store with vintage Pyrex, sold over a hundred dollars' merchandise.
-Bought a safe to continue organizing paper & files in my home.
-Designed and ordered new business cards for work and ebay store, and mailing labels for ebay store.
-Registered on
-Continued refining the blog, and posted or added something nearly every day. Learned computer terms like "Creative Commons License" and "Button."
-Began posting my stained glass portfolio to the blog on a weekly basis ("Stained Glass Sundays")
-Set up a YouTube channel at
-Made all internet presence linked, so cross-posting occurs on blog, twitter, facebook, etc. Joined LikedIn. Improved my own professional public relations on the internet.
-Followed through with my financial advisor to make sure the money I'd paid towards my IRA in conjunction with my taxes was actually invested in something.
-Set up my glass workshop in the backyard and started teaching a friend how to do copper foil stained glass.
-Upgraded to an iPhone and synced that with my computer
-Began to create items from my photography images for sale on Zazzle.
-Continuing to keep my Netflix account "on hold." Just shut off my cable completely (boohoo!) to better facilitate saving for a new car that will be needed soon.
-Gave myself my first vacation in probably three years, to see my friend Cathy's family in Houston, and visit my own family on the way home. Also met up with my best friend that I've known since I was one year old--had a wonderful overnight stay with her family in Cambria, CA.
-Helped organize a networking event at the DGA in June.
-Submitted documentation of over 600 days of on-set production work to DGA Contract Administration for a Qualification List upgrade to Unit Production Manager, which will make me eligible to work in a higher category in film/television.

On the down side:
-lost another camera, had to replace
-lost a cel phone (first time in ten years) and had to reconstruct the data in my phone book

Goals for 3rd Quarter:
-Finish off a stained glass project I started for a friend that I'd like to use as a birthday present
-Unpack the rest of my glass
-Host a card-making party-day for/with my friends, then pack up all the craft crap and get it out of my living room!
-Get a BBQ grill, get it assembled, then have a BBQ open house! First party and housewarming at the new house, and time to socialize again with work contacts. I try to do this once a summer, but didn't get to do so last year because of the move and disarray & construction of my living space.
-Get back to work. Time for hiatus to end. SAG has finally settled, and I'm hoping the town will start booming again in July.
-Keep adding to the ebay store and blog.
-Continue scanning a page a day of my photo album into a digital backup.
-Read some of the books I've gotten off PaperbackSwap.
-Keep up with dog training/nail clipping/teeth cleaning on my own--no paying groomers, and no letting it go. Puppy school every Saturday, instead of occasional. Dog walks every day, no slipping. Can you hear the good intentions in my voice?
-Start doing my back/neck exercises and seeing a chiropractor again.

What are your goals this summer? Leave me a comment to let me know where you're at--I could use a goal-buddy to check in with and be held accountable every so often!

1 comment:

  1. Ellen: I really enjoyed this post. And love the photo! You look and sound happy!


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