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June 20, 2009

Cutting Grass, Berry Trellis & Tomato Update

I know I just did a garden update a week or two ago, but June is definitely the height of my gardening season--or at least, the time when I finally get to enjoy the fruits of a whole year's labor. And after all the work that I put into my tiny guest house in 2008, including all the landscaping, I'm truly relishing the results.

Here's what I started with when I moved in in March of 2008:

I chose the type of grass I seeded based on the dogs' allergy test results. What I ended up with is a mostly Kentucky Ryegrass mix. This type is different than anything I grew up with in the Midwest. It tends to grow in tall tufts. I think it actually looks best at its tallest, which hides bare spots, but by last weekend my grass was getting so long that it was overtaking the dogs. Here's video of Claire trying to wade through it:

Since my lawn is the size of a postage stamp, it doesn't really make sense to own a full sized lawn mower. My grass-cutting tools consist of a weed-whacker and edge-trimmer. Since there are no collection bags, I have to rake up all the cuttings after I'm done and shovel them into the trash so that the clods of trimmings don't kill the grass.

This is what the fountain looked like after I was done cutting the grass.

And here's the nicely trimmed yard. I hadn't yet put the wrought iron loveseat back in its place when I took the picture. It was a nice work surface for my tools that day.

The berries are finally beginning to grow into the trellises I placed to mask the sheds at the far end of the yard. I planted both raspberries and blackberries, so they'll be a sweet treat. They fruit on second year cames, so I have to wait for next season to taste these.

I love the chocolate mint I planted in an oversize teacup. It really helps my chihuahua's bad breath. Seeing the dogs' tiny frames reach into the oversize cup makes me chuckle every time.

My artichoke plant is growing three baby heads right now! Can't wait to steam these with lemon-herb butter.

Last summer I had morning glories growing through and obfuscating the fence that separates the property from the neighboring apartment complex. This season they haven't taken well, but the heirloom tomatoes are taking over. In this shot you can also see the artichoke plant, and get a feel for the anchor plants in the bed, which are roses and daylilies.

The flowers in the side bed--yellow roses and scarlet daylilies.

Do you have any tips or tricks for maintaining or landscaping a small property? I welcome comments on the blog.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think you need any tips for landscaping or maintianing a small property, yu should be giving the tips! Your yard looks fabulous! I'm excited for your artichoke plant, we couldn't get ours to produce anything last year. I'm guessing we are not in the right zone for it.... then why does the Hoem Depot by my house sell it? Do they think I'm going to buy the plant and take it to california to grow it? Anyway, LOVE love love your yard!

    OH and I think you are right about Fischer and my dad having the same naughty streak... it must be in the dimples!


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