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June 24, 2009

Natural Crystal Deoderant Found in Thai Market

I've written before about a product I'd like to try, rock body deoderant, and gotten a ton of comments on that subject. I'd heard about this product from others, but the only place I'd seen it was at a body products shop called Basin.

This weekend I came across a version at the Thai market. It was only $4, no shipping necessary (as if I'd bought from Basin online), and I considered it part of my entertainment budget for that day's Thai market excursion, so I decided to do an experiment and try it out.

I love all the Thai writing on the bottle, but I definitely needed the English translation. I was surprised to find that it had it! "Deo Roll-on" is to be wetted, then applied to "unpleasant odoring area."

From the few people I know who've used a similar product, I heard that it won't prevent perspiration but will control the smell of sweat. My guest house holds heat like an envelope, so I'm wondering if this will be enough for me. I've tried it for a couple days now, and I am liking the pleasant fragrance, finding it wakes me up in the shower. Since you're supposed to wet the bar before applying, that's where I've been using it. This is a good way to work it into my routine, so I never forget to use it. I'll save a ton of money using this over the commercial deoderants available at the supermarket.

Has anyone else tried a similar product? Where did you purchase it? How long did it last? Please share your product recommendation in a comment on the blog.

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