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June 13, 2009

PVC Pipe Storage System

My glass shop is now outdoors, which provides some unique storage needs. I bought some came the other day, which come in eight foot lengths. The shed I use for my tools is not nearly that tall, so I needed a way to store the long lengths to keep it dry and clean. The solution I found was to get a piece of PVC pipe, two inch diameter, and a couple of end caps. Voila! A new storage system. I had the pipe cut to length at the hardware store, so it's just the right size. The tube tucks neatly into a corner, where I'm waiting for the squirrels to use it as a handy transportation route from my roof to the ground. It's out of the way though, and my came is clean and easily accessible.

PVC tubing would make a great storage container for posters or other artwork too. It'd fit neatly under a bed or tucked into a closet. Just be sure to roll your artwork the right direction, so it'll be easy to flatten if you ever decide to frame it.

Do you have any unique storage needs created by a hobby? Let me know your solutions in a comment.

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