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July 21, 2009

Fallen Fruit Jam at Machine

Machine Project's yearly Fallen Fruit Jam is coming up on August 2nd, from 10A-1P. It's a free event where everyone gathers at MP's building space to make all kinds of jam. You're asked to bring along your home-grown or public fruit and any clean, empty glass jars you have. At the end everyone leaves with a jar of communal jam. If enough people bring surplus, even the empty handed will leave with jam. Vats of fun for all!

The kinds of jam they make will improvise on the fruit that people provide. The fruit can be fresh or frozen. Fallen Fruit will bring public fruit. They are looking for radical and experimental jams as well, like basil guava or lemon pepper jelly. They’ll discuss the basics of jam and jelly making, pectin and bindings, as well as the communal power of shared fruit and the liberation of public fruit.

Fallen Fruit also leads mappings of public fruit, any fruit which hangs over into public areas or is planted on public land, in various areas.

Listen to Fallen Fruit on the KCRW show Good Food Sept 13, 2008.

I've attended the Public Fruit Jam in the past and had so much fun meeting cool new people! The jar of jam that I brought home was an extra bonus.

If you go:
Machine Project
1200 D North Alvarado
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Have you ever made jam, by yourself or with others? Where are the public fruit trees in your area? Have you considered making a map of what's available?


  1. That sounds like a really cool event. Maybe I will consider trekking down to participate.

    Nice blog. Love your profile!

  2. Hi Christine, thanks for reading! If you do come down for the fruit jam, be sure to find me and say hello. I'm planning to be there.

  3. nice article!

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