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July 18, 2009

Tomato Crop is Here! 2009

These are Roma, Sun Cherry, Striped Cavern, Isis Candy, and Green Zebra Stripe--all heirloom varieties, grown in my own garden. I started them as seedlings back in April or so. I'm just now harvesting about a half a colander a day, with tons more to come.

I especially love the sweeter varieties, so that certainly influences my selection. The Green Zebras I use solely for baking, like in lasagnas or mac & cheese. The smaller cherry tomatoes are great on sandwiches, in quiches or omelettes.

The bigger ones on the front left side of the pictures are the Striped Cavern, which is a variety grown specifically for stuffing. This is my first time trying this variety.

What would you do with a "stuffing" tomato? I was thinking of leaving it fresh, stuffed with cold egg salad. Do you have any other ideas or recipes you could share with me? Leave it in a comment on the blog.


  1. From Trudy Walker by email:

    I especially like eggs and cheese with tomatoes. I'd make the egg salad to stuff the tomatoes with and sprinkle with a white cheese. Asiago, parm, something like that.

    I think I'd make a yummy omlet or scrambled eggs with a little cream cheese, some sharp cheddar shredded and the tomatoes.

    The tomatoes look georgous.

  2. No fair!! We are still a few weeks away from tomatoes around here! ;-)

    They look great!


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