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July 10, 2009

My Mom's Laundry Room

I took some photographs while at my parents' house this week. One area of their home that I really love might be kind of surprising--it's my mom's laundry room. She's hung a photo of her grandmother that her mother (my Grandma Walker) framed with lace tatting she'd made. Alongside that she's hung several needlepoints that were given as gifts. The one on the left was in my Grandma Rosentreter's house for years. On the utility counter is a tole painted sculpture by my mom's sister, Edna, who also did the center needlepoint. The needlepoint on the right was done by my own sister. I love the homey feel of such a utilitarian space, and take creative inspiration for my own needlepoint projects from this area. Isn't it cute?

What's your favorite space in your own home, or where do you take creative inspiration in others' homes? Leave a comment on my blog.

1 comment:

  1. From Patty Gierloff via Facebook:

    i enjoyed this ellen because i often love to just sit in certain spaces & just be. it's been fun thinking of my happiest places...
    the one place i miss the most is a screened porch area that my dad build off the back of our house. he'd also built a picnic table that had an inlaid backgammon & checker board. it also had two chaise lounges where i'd sit & read for hours...
    my own home i am sad to admit is still lacking that homey feel but i enjoy sitting on our large boulder in our front yard. it makes a great seat to sit & watch lighting and sunsets especially when one or both of my dogs join me......where my heart is most at home though is santa monica beach. with the sets of baywatch & 90210 behind me (and i am a little embarrassed to admit that i did watch those growing up)& the ocean stretching for miles in front of me. it holds so many memories of me & my mom and i am at such peace whenever i am there


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