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July 28, 2009

Michael Feinstein & Jewel @ the Bowl: Art of Song

This last weekend I took a friend to see Michael Feinstein and Jewel at the Hollywood Bowl. I've heard Feinstein in some t.v. specials, and been impressed. I had a great time at his supper club Feinstein's in Hollywood--in fact, spent my most memorable Valentine's Day there some years back. So I was excited to see him on the bill this year. And Jewel is a favorite of mine, both for her beautiful voice and her anti-establishment persona.

I met my friend there, since we live in disparate parts of town. I was the early one, so I had some time to shoot some candids of the atmosphere at the bowl that I usually don't stop to notice.

Above, the picnic spot over the box office where Lori and I noshed at my last concert.

The main plaza, gift shop, and the first escalator towering above.

Looking down the main entrance hill.

The row of ticket-takers against the hill.

Though not full, the crowd for this show was immense, and this time I had a perfect view of all of them.

Michael Feinstein did not impress me this time as much as he had in the past--he came off as a bit over the top. But as usual, his collection pulled from the Great American Songbook was classic.

Jewel really stole the show and saved the evening from being a waste. She started out with some classic songs but segued into her own music, backed inventively by the Bowl Orchestra. She was a pleasure to hear, and I came home replaying her voice in my head.

The fireworks at the end of the show were a perfect way to cap off the evening. I got some videotape of that, but it needs a little sweetening to be viewable. Something to post another time....

Ready to join me for a Bowl concert yet? Give me a shout out at the blog, and we can set something up.

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