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August 23, 2009

Country Textured Stained Glass Window

Delayed posting: Stained Glass Sunday

This past Sunday was a holiday for me, and I've had a touch of a migraine since then, so I'm just getting around to posting something from my stained glass portfolio.

My sister moved into a condo which surprisingly had a large window in her shower/bathtub. She requested a piece that would obscure the view in, but didn't have a lot of color. I had fun designing this piece through texture. The diamond accents are in a light shade of yellow that paired nicely with the frame. It measures about 2 1/2 feet by somewhere near six feet. I added copper reinforcement to the interior of the soldering. To add contrast to the colorless glass, I patinaed the copper foil a nice burnished color.

My Grandma Rosentreter visited while I was working on this piece. I was glad she got to see how I made my craft. I think this is the only time she got to see me work on something, though she'd received several gifts from me.

The finished piece was quite eye catching. My dad again built a custom, double-sided wood frame, and I painted it with a crackle white underlaid with gold. Overall it had a Country feel to it that I thought suited my sister.

I took details of the textures I'd chosen.

I packaged it with care and sent it off to my sister in the mail. Unfortunately, it didn't do well in the trip....

All three diamonds broke in shipping, as did one of the larger panels. Because the frame had been custom painted, fixing the broken areas would be a complicated task. I sent my sister the shipping insurance money and told her to take it to a repair shop, but it sits in my folks' basement for now. My sister moved from that house soon afterward, so the impetus to fix this piece has long since faded.

Where would you put something like this if it were repaired? Feel free to leave me a comment on the blog.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ellen, that is heartbreaking! I couldn't wait to post a comment about how absolutely gorgeous this piece was, and then it broke in shipping. I'm going to have to go cry in my beer now (or in my case, my wine...)

    So sorry. At least your sister knew how hard you'd worked on her window and how beautiful it was. What an amazing gift. And how lovely that your grandma saw you at work.


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