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August 5, 2009

Pattern Inventory: Golden Hour Glass

I decided the next step in office reorganization, and in getting my glass shop up and running, would be to list all the stained glass pattern books I have. This will help me in knowing what I need to expand my repertoire and not duplicate when I'm at the supply store, excitedly buying all the patterns I can find. It'll also allow friends from out of state or other areas to be able to find my collection at a store or library, pick out something they like, and tell me what to make for them. I also have a ton of custom patterns in a binder, so if you're local, come by to browse before ordering from me.

So I made an inventory in a word document, as a table sortable by title or author, or searchable by subject. Then couldn't figure out how to import it on the blog. If any bloggers out there know how to make a table in a post, please let me know! My email's listed in the blog sidebar. For now, click on the images to enlarge them to a readable size.

I'll have to do this for my needlepoint patterns another day, but for now, look up these books and browse them for creative inspiration....

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