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August 4, 2009

Movies at the North Hollywood Library

Driving to the freeway entrance the other day, I drove past the same park a mile from my house that I'd driven by a hundred times before. For some reason, this time I noticed the signage on the corner building--I have a library branch in walking distance of my house! This branch of the library is located on Tujunga & Magnolia. Last evening I packed up the dogs and took a walk to check it out. I didn't spend time there as the dogs were tied up out front, but I took a ten-minute walk through, picked up their hours, and several flyers of upcoming events. Turns out there're free weekday and weekend movie series held at the library, complete with popcorn!

I've never seen On the Waterfront, Mutiny on the Bounty, or The Great Debaters. Click on any of the images to enlarge them to a readable size and check out the full schedule on the bottom flyers.

Have you attended any special events at your local library? What were they, and what was the atmosphere like? Leave me your thoughts on the blog.

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