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August 1, 2009

Guys & Dolls at the Bowl

I caught the musical Guys and Dolls at the Bowl last night--a great performance with an all-star cast!

The lighting on the stage at arrival was breathtaking. I'm so amazed at what they can do with minimal set dressing and stage space with these events. I saw Sound of Music this way one year, and Sunset Boulevard another year.

My favorite lighting setup, the City.

Scott Bakula was great in the lead role. With Nicely Nicely below.

Brian Stokes Mitchell was my favorite as the 2nd male lead, Skye. I love his rich voice. I've seen him before at the bowl, and he was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. The men make the bet--will Skye take the Doll to Havana, Cuba?

Jessica Biel had the female lead, the romantic interest for Brian Stokes Mitchell and the foil to Scott Bakula. She fit the part well, but her voice was not strong, and often fell flat.

Ellen Green played Scott Bakula's long-suffering fiance, a performer at the Hot Box. The chorus of ladies backing her up was outstanding. There were a couple of hilarious Hot Box numbers.

Beau Bridges had a special guest role playing the grandfather of Jessica Biels' character. His singing voice is also weak, but fittingly so. He was charming in the part.

I was really impressed with the choreography tonight. Above the male chorus set the scene for the big craps game.

Ken Page as Big Joolie from Chicago.

The ladies wrap it up by deciding to go get their men.

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