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May 13, 2009

Cinespia Cemetery Screenings at Hollywood Forever

Cinespia's Saturday evening screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery are back, starting with a screening of Cool Hand Luke. Here are the rules of what to expect. Here's a link to the full calendar, which currently lists through the month of May.

Be sure to allow enough time to handle the crowds, and messy parking situations that arise. I've gone before in what I thought was a reasonable advance time, and been totally unable to get in. This season I'm determined to go!

Anyone else had positive or negative experiences with this screening series? Let me know in a comment below.


  1. Oh yes, we went about 5 years ago and it was a blast. There was definitely a long wait to get in. The friend we were with said it was "over" because too many people had heard of it and so it had become a hassle. I think if you were able to go early enough it would still be worth it. I remember the screening itself being really fun. We saw an old noir film, which seemed appropriate in the venue.

    Cool Hand Luke is appropriate in any venue- Paul Newman was a god, the most beautiful man who's ever lived, plus my favorite actor ever.

  2. I saw Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief" on May 23rd. I found street parking on Larchmont, and arrived about 615P. The line was not bad. The walking did me in a bit as I'd been hula hooping that morning, so was already sore. From the entrance, you walk all the way to the far corner of the cemetery to where they screen on the side of a mausoleum. They allow chairs, so we had trouble seeing over the group in front of us (ugh!), but we had ample room for a nice picnic while we waited for dark. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a frigid evening and I was sooo cold! I would've left once darkness fell, but there were no lights beyond the screen itself, so getting out of the patchwork of viewers would've been impossible. All in all, a fun experience, but next time I'll be sure to check the forecast, and bring more layers.

  3. Too bad it was such an unseasonable cold evening. That's summer in California- you always need layers, especially at night!


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