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May 8, 2009

Shampoo Bars from Basin

(The Macaroon Shampoo Bar)

Another intriguing product from Basin is their Shampoo Bars, solid soap bars meant to replace liquid shampoo.

From the product description:
Shampoo bars are a nice alternative to liquid shampoo. They only contain the ingredients that they need—not the extra preservatives that liquid shampoos require for their shelf life. With bars, you help the environment by eliminating excessive packaging. Each shampoo bar is specially formulated for specific types of hair. Shampoo bars are great for traveling, going to the gym and for every day use! They last approximately 30 to 50 shampoos. They should be kept dry between shampoos to get the maximum usage.

Directions: Rub directly onto hair or rub between hands and apply lather to hair.

This image contains a whole list of flavors of shampoo bars, and their ingredients. Click on the image to enlarge it to a readable size. They're about seven bucks, unless you buy in bulk.

I smelled all these flavors at the Basin store at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. The one that I loved was Macaroon. Like my favorite cookie, I could eat it all night. I can't imagine how distracting it would be to have my hair smell this way all the time--I would be forever hungry! It was heaven.

I didn't try the Shampoo Bars though, as I'm experimenting right now with Dr. Bronners soap as my shampoo and finishing with a vinegar rinse. That's a separate post....So once again, I'm turning it over to the group. Has anyone tried these products, or anything similar? Anyone willing to volunteer for an experiment? Leave me a comment, and we'll form a test group!


  1. from Amalia on The Compact webgroup:

    prior to joing The Compact, I "splurged" on LUSH shampoo bars... personally, it lost its "wow" factor the second time I used it... it's incredible how well they lather, but then again... isn't good shampoo NOT supposed to lather? I used "NEW" which smells like cinammon and actually has cinnamon pieces in it and another one that smelt like Bonfire... not a good smell for shampoo... I can't remember the name... I would love to know how to make my own... I'd make one smell like lavendar :)

  2. From Lisa on The Compact webgroup:

    They just did a homemade soap/shampoo bar a week or so ago.



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