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May 23, 2009

May Garden Update: Hesby House

Coming from the midwest, I know a lot of families that do a mega-gardening blitz on Memorial Weekend. Here in CA, that's a bit of a late date. Instead I'll be going to a movie and a barbeque on Sunday. Here's what my garden looks like today:

Peruvian Daffodils, bulbs my mom planted at Easter

Calla Lily "Flame"

yellow rose I planted just a week before Easter,
on the side of the house

red rose I got at the hardware store from their clearance pile,
half off but half dead!

three different Amaryllises blooming right now,
two red Lion King variety and one more exotic

my side vegetable garden,
with eight different tomato varieties this year,
and a clump of daylilies transplanted from my friend Jacque's at Easter

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