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May 12, 2009

Needlepoint Bear

I started this needlepoint bear in the 1980s as a 4-H project, and found it in the craft cabinet ten or fifteen years later. I finally completed it and gave him to my friend Cathy in the mid nineties. This is the first time I'd photographed it, and had only my phone to do so, so the pictures are pretty poor. But there are so many different stitches on this project that I'm glad to have some photographs of it. He's held up well over time (especially through three kids!) but the colors are definitely eighties.

What's the biggest craft project of any kind that you've ever completed? Tell me about it in a comment below.


  1. ohhhh..dammit, I was hoping I was gonna get that for a baby present:) the biggest project I have finished was a huge blanket I HAND KNIT 7ft x5 ft and Madelines 1 year baby book!! The rest are in a pile!:)

  2. Found the pattern for this today in with my pattern leaflets. It's copyrighted 1987, so I probably started this project in 1988. Think I gave it to Cathy somewhere between 1995-1998.


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