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May 27, 2009

Netflix: Hold the Charges

I love my Netflix subscription. It allows me to keep a running list of the movies I'd like to see, but haven't. What I don't like is paying for my subscription when I'm not using it. Recently I learned that Netflix allows a three-month "hold" on your account.

When you put your account on hold, you must send in any movies that you still have within a week to avoid being charged for them, and then your account is on tempoary suspention--you're not allowed to use the services, not charged for them, but your account is not deleted and your queue remains waiting for you. If you don't reactivate your subscription within three months or extend the hold, then your account is closed.

This sounds like a great way to manage my usage. Netflix's monthly charge makes sense if I'm having a heavy video month--like when I'm off work. When I'm busy or otherwise occupied, I now place my account on hold. Money saved is better than being broke, after all....

Do you have any accounts that you must monitor this way? How do you save money on monthly bills? Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions.

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