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May 10, 2009

Reader Idea: Plant Swap Parties

My cousin Sheila sent me a thrifty party idea:
here is money saving tip for you - host a plant swap party. Trudy and I and several of our girl friends did that last weekend. Everybody brought something from their garden to share and so we came home with a variety of new plants for our gardens and did not have to spend money! you could also do this with bulbs or seeds to, whichever you want.

I have one friend that gets very creative with her parties. She does a book swap at least once a year, where everyone brings whatever they no longer want and places it on a table, then takes whatever they'd like from the pile. No pressure, no limit, no wrapping them up and trading them--it's all pretty anonymous and fun. The same girl does a valentine making party every Feb., putting out all different supplies. That sounds like a lot of fun too.

One friend of mine is a great bartender, and mixes up drinks for me to try whenever we go out. Hosting at her own home is different though--my friend doesn't want to be stuck behind a bar all night. So she picks a single signature drink to make for each gathering, and mixes it up in bulk pitchers in advance. She then offers her guests the choice of this one special bar concoction, or regular sodas and beer. Making it a theme night takes the pressure off her as a host.

What are your best party or hosting ideas? Is there a specific season you like to entertain? Leave me a comment below.

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