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May 19, 2009

Poison Help 800-222-1222

After coming home from a ten-day vacation, I spent all yesterday afternoon regrouping. I got a half a trash can of avocado leaves off the porch and yard so that I could do a deep water, since I wasn't sure when it had last gotten attention. Opening mail, trimming dogs nails, answering emails, blogging, and facebooking seemed to eat up the rest of my afternoon--until I looked up to find Chance chewing on a cockroach trap in the living room. A quick call to the National Capitol Poison Center ensued, and it occurred to me that this is one number that should be programmed into the home cordless phone. Turns out for my six pound dogs, one teaspoon of 3% peroxide solution taken orally will induce vomiting. After that excitement, puppies got baths, and all is (so far) well. Disaster averted, once again, and now I am more prepared.

What about your home? What numbers do you keep programmed into the phone, or listed on the refrigerator? Let me know in a comment.

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